Changelog: new content in the course

This document lists new content, changes, and fixes in each release.

The downloadable version of the course is the .zip archive you can find under the “Course downloads” of each lesson. It allows you to follow the tutorials offline. Also, in this version, lessons contain many videos instead of static images.

VFX Secrets 1.0.1

  • Updated lesson 00.intro/01.introduction: it was missing the effects from VFX Secrets 1.0.0
  • Renamed EARLY-ACCESS to getting-started, update content.
  • Added a form for you to give us feedback on the course and request new lessons.
  • Added the missing charging effect’s source code .

VFX Secrets 1.0.0

Released on 2020/07/09.

VFX Secrets 1.0 brings four new chapters to the course.

  1. The Trail renderer allows you to emphasize projectiles, weapon slashes, or any character’s motion. You can see it in action in our Open 2D space game.
  2. The Fireball builds upon the explosion chapter from the previous release. It’s another layered effect.
  3. The Shockwave uses our open-source shockwave shader to produce animated screen deformation. This tutorial focuses on using the shader, as learning to code shaders is beyond the scope of this course and covered in Shader Secrets.
  4. Charging is a refreshing, short tutorial to have a breather after longer series.

VFX Secrets 0.1.2


  • Laser beam: fixed missing line returns and indentations in some code blocks on the Mavenseed lessons.
  • Explosion

VFX Secrets 0.1.1

Released on 2020/05/26.


  • Downloadable lessons now have code highlighting


  • Added missing - sign in the starfield lesson.
  • Added a note to set the spread in the ghost-trail tutorial.
  • Fixed a list not displaying as a list in Breaking down explosions
  • Fixed laser beam’s collision particle’s having a rotation offset when firing towards the left.

VFX Secrets 0.1.0: Early Access release 1

Released on 2020/05/15.

This is the initial release of the course, with four effects:

  1. Ghost Trail, also called After Images, having fading copies of a moving sprite behind it.
  2. The starfield is a gentle introduction to particles with a focus on background elements. It’s a good tutorial to get your feet wet.
  3. Explosions, with multiple layers and effects combined using Godot’s animation tools. This series covers multiple fire-related effects with a heavy use of particles.
  4. The laser beam also uses multiple layers and some code for a striking result. It bridges visual effect design and gameplay code, with its mouse-controlled fire mechanic.