Early access

This course is in early access. Some of the content is already available, and more is on the way.

If you have any issue, feedback, or requests for more content, please use the "Ask a question" feature under the corresponding lesson:

0-03-13 08-47-45.png

If you're reporting an error or a bug, please include the timecode in the mm:ss format, and the error that Godot gives you, if applicable. This helps us to solve issues faster.

For example: At 7:20, the function move_and_collide(velocity * delta) gives me the following error: The identifier "delta" isn't declared in the current scope."

Planned topics

Here are the planned topics to wrap up this series. They will come out in the next update:

  • Wall jump and wall slide
  • Pass-through platforms
  • Moving platforms
  • Pulling hooking targets

We hope that you'll learn from this course, and welcome all your feedback.