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Daniel Queiroz Porto
posted to: Getting started

What About embbebed gfycat for the web versions?

I've just downloaded the course and taken a quick look to the offline html version of the starfield and trail effect, and the videos were more previews of the result than instructional and most of them were short, so for the online web version, wouldn't embbebed gfycat "gifs" (or from some other service like that) work? Or is there some other limitation for these as well? (maybe exporting two version would be troublesome?)
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    The problem is that the platform currently doesn't support animated images or videos embedded in text lessons. So they're only available in the offline version for now.

    It's a known limitation and it's on the platform developers' roadmap. But that's why we replace them with static images, and why the videos in question are mostly just short demos of the effect in action.

  • Daniel Queiroz Porto replied

    Hum, ok! I though that maybe since gfycat host the video or gif itself elsewhere it would be able to circumvent this problem, thanks for the answer!