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Miguel Iguaz Cava

Coupons not working

I tried buying this course and the platformer pro version and the "europe-20" coupon isn't working, it doesn't recognize it as valid.
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    It happens for some people. The developers are aware of the bug and looking for a fix. In the meantime, could you try using the coupon in a private browser window (Ctrl Shift P in Firefox, and I think Ctrl Shift N in chrome)? It worked for other users.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    By the way, two users have had the coupon show as invalid after clicking "apply coupon", but the coupon still worked and they got the discount. So it might just be a browser-side error.

    If using a private browser window still shows the coupon as invalid, you can:

    - Proceed with the payment. If the coupon fails to apply, I will refund you the excess money manually. - You can pay via PayPal and I'll unlock the course on your Mavenseed account manually. With PayPal, you'll directly pay the amount with the discount applied.

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    Miguel Iguaz Cava replied

    Confirmed, I used incognito mode in Chrome and even though it marked it as invalid when entering the coupon, it did apply the discount when showing the receipt.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Glad it worked! Thanks much for your support. 🙂