This document lists the changes and improvements brought in new releases of the course.

v1.0.0: 2020/01/07

This is the initial release of the course, taking it out of early access.

Chapter 2

New content

  1. Added a lesson about the state machine's design
  2. Added a lesson about the limitations of built-in scripts
  3. Added an assignment to make the player sprint


  1. Link to two complementary tutorials in Setting up the game level
  2. Updated the projects' git history, added recent bug fixes to the final version of the demo, added a branch for the assignment in chapter 2.


  1. Add missing PlayerState video
  2. Add missing segment to show the setup of the Player script in Creating the Player scene.
  3. Add mention to set the initial state of the state machine

Chapter 3

Added the third chapter with 12 lessons dedicated to the camera rig.

You will learn to code a rig that:

  • Collides with the environment and slides at an offset from the ground.
  • Smoothly moves the camera, using Godot's InterpolatedCamera.
  • Auto-rotates to keep the player centered in the view.
  • Can get in and out of an aiming mode.
  • Projects an aim target on the environment in aiming mode.

This gives you a camera that generally feels good.

  • Added the main 12 video lessons of the chapter
  • Added one quizz
  • Added one assignment and its solution in video
  • Added a short video lesson to correct a bug with the camera being offset when coming out of the Aim state

v0.1.0: 2019/12/27

This is the first early access release. It brings the video lessons for the first two chapters, without assignments.

New content

  • Added chapters 1 and 2 with 20 video lessons