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Learn to Code From Zero With Godot (pre-order)

Make your family and friends proud. Learn skills in high demand by creating fun toys and games. Finally become a game developer!


This is a pre-order for a course to learn to program funded by over 1500 backers on Kickstarter.

The course is currently in the making.

The first module will come out in early access in the end of December 2021.

The course is planned for completion in May 2022 and will be subject to many changes and improvements until then.

Be sure to only purchase this course if you want very early access, if you want to support GDQuest and Godot, and you want to help shape the course with your feedback.

This course is included in our Ultimate Godot course bundle. If you own the bundle, you don't need to buy it separately.

Learn to make games, from zero

Creating games feels incredible: you bring characters to life, get your friends to play, and have fun with your creations.

But it's also a big challenge. To make your games, you have to learn programming. There's no way around it because every video game is a computer program.

So you find a game engine, watch some step-by-step tutorials, follow along... and as soon as you're alone and try to make a change, it all falls apart.

While tutorials teach you some code, they rarely explain why they use this or that feature or how things really work.

They don’t teach you the fundamental skills that will make you a successful game developer.

You can't rely on tutorials to make your dream game: you must learn to think like a programmer and build strong skills.

That's what this unique course is all about.
Using Godot, the free and open-source game engine, you will learn everything you need to know to make your games.

We'll start from zero so all you need to follow this course is a computer running on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Godot is a feature-packed 2D and 3D game engine made by passionate game developers and software engineers.

It's entirely community-driven.

Unlike other engines, Godot is truly Free: there’s no shady license or royalties to pay. No strings attached.

It's been used to make Sonic Colors Ultimate. Even engineers at Tesla work with Godot.
Godot was used to make Sonic Colors Ultimate
Godot's simple GDScript programming language is much easier to learn than complex all-purpose languages like C#, which other engines use.

There's way less syntax and fewer opportunities to get stuck.

Yet a lot of what you'll learn with Godot will apply to all your programming adventures as it uses the industry-standard imperative and object-oriented approaches to programming.

This makes it a perfect entry into the beautiful world of computer science.
In Learn to Code with Godot, you'll learn by creating fun toys and games.

We'll take you from 0 to writing a complete action game with procedural levels inspired by Enter the Gungeon and The Binding of Isaac.

Most online programming courses have it wrong: they either only give you shallow steps to follow or dump loads of abstract theory onto you, which doesn't help.

With us, you'll learn by creating many small programs so you can focus on one thing at a time.

For every programming concept, we'll start with concrete examples you’d use in a video game.

Then we'll dive into the details so you understand how everything works.

The GDScript Learn app will help you practice

Programming is a skill, so to get good at it, you have to practice.

And let's face it: it's so easy to procrastinate on that.

Research on productivity shows a crucial step is to just get started. We want to make that as easy as possible for you.

This is why we're creating a super convenient app that runs in your browser, without any download.

It'll make your life easier with bite-sized practices and helpful messages to understand everything you're doing.
This is a mockup of the final application. We are actively working on it and will release it on GitHub, open-source, under the permissive MIT license.

We already built a working prototype to ensure we could make the app work with Godot's GDScript programming language.

You can see it in action in our first video devlog.

What you'll get in Learn to Code From Zero

The course will have 7 modules covering over 100 programming techniques through:

  • Dozens of small projects showing real-world toy programs and game mechanics to learn everything in context.
  • A mix of videos and written guides to first learn through practice, then dive deeper and understand how it all works.
  • Cheat-sheets to review new techniques at a glance.
  • Dozens of assignments that gradually get more challenging to learn to think like a programmer.
  • An interactive app running in your web browser to practice conveniently and faster than ever.

The course's 7 modules in detail

In the first module, you'll get to assemble the final game inspired by Enter the Gungeon and have fun instantly.

We'll then go back to the basics to teach you everything you need to know to create such a game, bit by bit, with fun toy apps and game mechanics.

The course will end with a long guided challenge where you'll re-create this exciting action game from start to finish, putting your own twist onto it.
Here are all the module's details.

Module 1: Getting started with programming hands-on

In this first part, you'll get right into it!

You'll assemble your first game right away, using premade components. In little time, you'll get to see all the mechanics and techniques you will learn throughout the course.

You'll gain a great sense of how games are made and show you everything you'll learn by the end of the course.

Module 2: Become a GDScript maestro

We'll take a few steps back to this learn programming fundamentals with Godot’s GDScript language. Through real-world interactive examples, you'll learn to code simple yet fun toys.

This module will cover functions, working with numbers and text, branches, code order, troubleshooting errors, and much more. It will show you how you to use these techniques in the context of a game project.

Module 3: Going further with data structures

We'll start looking into arrays, dictionaries, and objects, three tools that are the bread-and-butter of programming.

Along with loops, we'll use them to do some procedural generation (like spawning coins or projectiles in nice patterns using only code), manage an inventory, and much more.

Module 4: Learn to make games with Godot

In this 4th module, we'll shift our focus to game development. We'll talk about the game loop, listening player input, and using everything we learned so far to create appealing and fun game mechanics we’ll use in the final project, like shooting bullets and camera shake.

Module 5: Code structure and performance

The 5th module will talk about good programming practices and essential topics most courses overlook.

We'll talk about game performance, how to measure it, and how to maximize it.

We will also talk about how to organize your project, write clean code, and avoid getting stuck as your games grow bigger.

Module 6: Create a complete game, from start to finish

At this point, it will be your turn to create a complete game from scratch.

This chapter will be a guided challenge: we'll give you plenty of material to guide you through the creation process and help you avoid scope creep, an issue that plagues most game developers.

In this module, you'll constantly be challenged to come up with your own solutions and game mechanics. Of course, we'll be there to help you along the way.

You will put everything you learned into practice and create your own game inspired by Enter the Gungeon, a game to be proud of.

Module 7: Where to go from there

We'll dedicate an entire module to what to do next. Programming is one of those a craft you're never done learning.

Not only is there so much to discover, but the technologies keep improving and changing.

We'll talk about finding assets, what skills to focus on, the different paths you can take to keep improving, and more based on your questions and requests.

Why teach with Godot?

At GDQuest, we’re strong believers in the benefits free and open-source software like Godot brings to everyone.

Unlike other engines like Unity, Godot comes with absolutely no restrictions and no hidden costs. Everything you create with it is yours forever, and nobody can ever change that.

Unlike Roblox, Godot can never make money from you or your kids (Roblox takes a 70% commission on children’s work, which is obscene).

As an open project made by game developers, for game developers, Godot’s team has your interests in mind; Not that of investors and shareholders.

Other game developers understand those benefits, which is why more and more independent developers participate in Godot's development.

With over 1500 code contributors, Godot is the biggest and fastest-growing open-source engine.

Why we can make the course you need

At GDQuest, we’ve been teaching Godot for over 5 years on the largest educational YouTube channel for it (160,000+ subscribers, hundreds of free tutorials).

We started long before Godot became popular, making us the most dedicated tutors for this wonderful engine.

We walk the talk: we contribute to Godot’s code, plugins, demos, and official documentation.
I'm among the top contributors on Godot's official documentation.

Early access

We'll release every module as soon as it's ready, giving you early access to every part.

So even if we plan the final release for 2022, you won't have to wait for long to start learning.

The first module will come out in December 2021.

We usually release a major update every month as we produce new courses and stay closely in touch with our community.

Like all our courses, Learn to Code with Godot also comes with lifetime free updates.

Become a game developer

We spent months planning this project and will spend many more crafting lessons, demos, and assignments you’ll love, day after day.

It is and will be hard work. But with your support, we can give you the course that’ll finally teach you how to code and take your first step towards creating your dream game.

With this course, you’ll create projects that will impress your friends and family and make you feel proud.

So become a backer today, get the course you waited for, and finally become a game developer!

Your questions

How long can I access the course?

You get lifetime access to the course and its files.

Our courses come with both an online version and DRM-free downloadable lessons.

You can enjoy them all on your computer, on the train, or in any place without Internet access. The files are yours to keep.

How often will I receive new content?

For our previous project, we made over 15 releases in 7 months. Our motto is to release updates as soon as possible.

When we have a batch of fixes and improvements for you or a new module is ready.

You'll get at least one major content update per month. Based on your questions and bug reports, we will make smaller updates more frequently.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we have a 60-day "no questions asked" refund policy.

Just message us, tell us your account's email and the product you'd like to refund.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Sure! This is a manual process at the moment.

To pay via PayPal, please:

  1. Create an account
  2.  Send me a message with the following information:
  • The course or list of courses you want to buy
  • Your account's email
  • Your country of residence

I will send you a link to pay via PayPal. Once paid, you will get access to the course within two business days.

If you would like an invoice, please also let me know in your message.

Will you update the course for Godot 4.0?

Yes, we plan to update the course after Godot 4.0 came out.

We also plan to update our more advanced secrets courses and Godot Node Essentials if you'd like to get one of our bundles.

The update will not be available the day Godot 4.0 releases. It will take some time to remake all our courses.

Godot 4.0 is going to be a massive release! As such, it may take time for it to become completely stable after it comes out.

We will thoroughly test it when it comes out and ensure it works great before porting the course to it. In any case, you shouldn't wait to learn.

Are there professional games made with Godot?

Yes. SEGA's Sonic Colors Ultimate on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch was made using Godot. Elon Musk's Tesla uses Godot for some of its interactive applications.

There are many more promising indie Godot games in development right now like Ex-Zodiac or Helms of Fury.

Godot has been out for less than larger engines out there. As it's free and open-source, we don't have the marketing budget to reach millions of developers. Still, Godot is so powerful it's getting more and more attention among game developers.

Will you make a version of the course for the C# programming language?

No, we will focus on the GDScript programming language. It is simpler, tightly integrated into Godot, and widely used in the community. It's better to learn to code than C#.

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