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Godot 2D, VFX, Shaders, and PCG Secrets (Godot 3 LTS bundle)


Uncover Godot's Secrets

There's plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials out there. But courses that take you to the next level, not so much.

You could read the full documentation, read general books, and experiment to get there, but that'll take you countless hours.

The Godot Secrets bundle is a collection of written courses covering the topics you just can't find elsewhere!

The Secrets courses cover a wide range of techniques professionals use to create games. They include intermediate and advanced-level lessons, on top of more accessible tutorials.

Learn faster with our help

It sucks to follow a tutorial series and get stuck or not understand why the tutor made a given design decision.

We always welcome your questions and stay available to answer them. We use them, along with your feedback, to update and improve the content.

In a game development course, code is an essential part of the lessons. Its quality, the patterns the tutors use, it's all central to your learning experience.

We dedicated ourselves to Godot and even made major contributions to its official documentation.

It's your code

All the code you see in our courses is Free and Open-Source, available under the permissive MIT license. You can inspect it, explore it, and reuse it, including in commercial projects.

You can also download all the lessons and read them anywhere, anytime. Everything we make is DRM-free.

To learn more about each course, I invite you to check their details, pre-requisites, and free sample lessons on their respective pages:

  1. Godot 2D Secrets
  2. Godot Shader Secrets
  3. Godot PCG Secrets
  4. Godot VFX Secrets

If you want to level-up your game development skills, the Godot Secrets courses are for you.

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Course Curriculum

This course comes bundled with the following products:

Godot 2D Secrets (Godot 3 LTS)

An extensive intermediate-level course to create professional 2D games with Godot. Learn a breadth of techniques and the best practices to develop your own games. For Godot 3 LTS.

VFX Secrets: Design 2D Visual Effects for Games in Godot 3

Learn to design beautiful 2D visual effects with the free game engine Godot. For Godot 3 LTS.

Shader Secrets: Learn to Code 2D and 3D Shaders in Godot 3

Learn to write professional shaders for games with the Free game engine Godot. For Godot 3 LTS.

PCG Secrets: The Art of Procedural Generation in Godot 3

Learn to generate procedural game worlds with the free game engine Godot. For Godot 3 LTS.