Godot 2D Secrets

An extensive course to create professional 2D games with Godot. Learn a breadth of techniques and the best practices to develop your own games.


Godot 2D Secrets is in the making right now. You can pre-order it now and get it in early access by the end of October.

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Level Up your Game Creation Skills

Godot 2D Secrets is going to be an extensive course covering all sorts of aspects of 2D game creation.

What you will learn

We are going to cover many topics. But in essence, you will learn: 

  • Efficient solutions to implement common game mechanics.
  • A breadth of techniques to reuse across your game projects.
  • The best practices when making 2D games with Godot.

All that using Godot's GDScript programming language.

We already have exciting topics planned:

  • Real-time simulation of a complex game world.
  • Rhythm games.
  • Turn-based RPG combat user interface.
  • Real-time strategy combat, inspired by Faster Than Light.
  • Visual novels and dialogues.
  • Modular character animation.

Early Access

The course is currently available in early access: buy the course now at the early access price and you will get content updates as we produce new tutorial series.

Also, once you bought the course, you get lifetime free updates. All the new content we add will come at no extra cost.


To follow this course, you should be comfortable reading code. While some tutorials are accessible, we cover some complex projects that require good programming foundations.


  • You should know how to work with Godot’s editor. Things such as adding nodes, resources inside of nodes, and using the Inspector.
  • You should have strong GDScript foundations. We will not cover the basics of the GDScript language in this course.

If you have no experience with Godot, we wrote a complete Free Godot guide for beginners to get you up to speed.

Free and Open-Source

The code from this project is available under Free Software licenses. In short, you can use it and modify it freely, even in commercial projects.

By buying this course, you support GDQuest and the creation of Free Software.

Pay with PayPal

If you would like to pay with PayPal, that is possible.

To do so, please:

  1. Create an account
  2. Send me an email at nathan [at] with the following information:
  • The course or list of courses you want to buy
  • Your Mavenseed account's email
  • Your country of residence

I will send you a payment request via PayPal. Once paid, you will get access to the course within two business days.

If you need an invoice, please tell me and send me your full details.

30 days refund warranty

If you don’t like the course or you didn’t learn anything, send us a message within 30 days after your purchase to get an instant refund!

Just send us your purchase receipt and your account’s email to nathan [at] No questions asked.

Get in touch

If you have questions or need anything, you can:


This course was funded and made possible by hundreds of backers on Kickstarter.


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