Code a 2D Platform Game Character with Godot (Pro)

This series is a sequel to Create a Platform Game Character with Godot. It focuses on more advanced topics and mechanics like the coyote jump and creating debugging tools for our hooking character.

This series is a follow-up to our previous course, Create a Platform Game Character with Godot. It starts where the last course left off, with a ready-made platform character and a hooking mechanic.

We recommend watching the last course first.

You can also get the two series in the combo bundle at a lower price.

What you will learn

You will learn to:

  1. Code the coyote jump, or jump after falling, a common helper in platform games.
  2. Code a ledge grab and ledge state.
  3. Add gamepad support to the game.

And more. All that learning good programming practices in Godot, using the GDScript programming language.


This course is for people who are comfortable with Godot.

This is a follow-up to our previous course, Create a Platform Game Character with Godot. We recommend watching that one first. You can also get the two courses as a bundle.

Free and Open Source

The code from this project is available under the permissive MIT license. In short, you can use it and modify it freely, even in commercial projects.

By buying this course, you support the creation of Free Software.

You can download the Godot game we made for this project on our GitHub.

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Sponsors and credits

This course was funded by 818 backers as part of our 2019 Godot Kickstarter.

Its creation was sponsored by Gamblify.

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