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Code a 2D Platform Game Character with Godot 3 (Part 1)


You will learn to

  1. Code character movement a side-scrolling game
  2. Create a hook mechanic
  3. Use steering behaviors
  4. Code a Hierarchical Finite State Machine

All that following the best practices in Godot, using the GDScript programming language.


This course is for people who have some experience with Godot.

You should:

  • Be familiar with the Godot editor
  • Have programming foundations
  • Know Godot's GDScript programming language

To get you started, we wrote a complete Godot Learning path for beginners. It only contains free resources.

Free and Open Source

The code from this project is available under the permissive MIT license. In short, you can use it and modify it freely, even in commercial projects.

By buying this course, you support the creation of Free Software.

You can download the Godot game we made for this project on our GitHub.

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Sponsors and credits

This course was funded by 818 backers as part of our 2019 Godot Kickstarter.

Its creation was sponsored by Gamblify.

Course Curriculum
3 Reviews
  • Jordan Hunt(heroic) ·

    I recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn how to implement a state machine in Godot. It's a great course for anyone wanting to get a deeper understand of fundamental game design patterns in Godot. It's really fun to see the final status come together at the end better yet understand it works as it does.  I will use the knowledge from this course for platform games in Godot.

  • FATNUT ·
    Absolutely worth the money and time spent!
    The course introduced me to state machines within Godot and a solid way to structure a player character, so that it becomes scalable and the code does not turn into a complete mess.

    Definitely recommended, if you are looking to implement your own characters!

    (4 stars only because I did not follow the Hook mechanic, as it was not relevant for me. Can't rate that.)
  • b
    Ben curley(ben-curley-me-uk) ·

    Worth the money spent for a few key reason.

    1.  Some very useful tips regarding GDscript which you may overlook especially if you have previous coding experience. For example using yield and Godot nodes and signals to defer reference assignment inside a node.
    2. A useful example of State machine implementation inside Godot, granted the idea of State machines are not that complicated, again I benefited from the example of how to use Godot's node structures in conjunction with scripts to make code cleaner and easier to maintain.
    3.  Shows good examples on how to separating concerns by leveraging the Godot node system.

    For me at least,  having prior experience with imperative programming I found myself in private projects solving everything imperatively and at times this works against Godot. This course has improved my basic knowledge of node structure and tree and was well worth the price.

    Also you get some detailed implementation details for making a platform character.