Code a Professional 3D Character with Godot

Learn to create a polished 3D character with a 3rd person camera and professional code in the free game engine Godot.
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You will learn to

  1. Code an animated third-person 3D character
  2. Use Godot's AnimationTree
  3. Create a camera rig that feels great
  4. Code a Hierarchical Finite State Machine

All that following the best practices in Godot, using the GDScript programming language.


This course is for people who have some experience with Godot.

To follow it, you will need Godot 3.2.

You should:

  • Be familiar with the Godot editor
  • Have programming foundations
  • Know Godot's GDScript programming language

If you have no experience with Godot, we wrote a complete Free Godot guide for beginners.

Godot Open 3D Mannequin

This course is based on our Open Godot Mannequin, a complete character and third-person controller for Godot.

The rigged character is also available in the GitHub releases tab.

Free and Open Source

The code from this project is available under the permissive MIT license. In short, you can use it and modify it freely, even in commercial projects.

By buying this course, you support the creation of Free Software.

30 days refund warranty

If you don't like the course or you didn't learn anything, send us a message within 30 days after your purchase to get an instant refund!

Just send us your purchase receipt and your account's email to nathan [at] No questions asked.

Get in touch

If you have questions or need anything, you can:

  1. Join GDQuest on Discord
  2. Message me on Twitter
  3. Send me an email at nathan [at]
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Sponsors and credits

This course was funded by 818 backers as part of our 2019 Godot Kickstarter.

Its creation was sponsored by Gamblify.

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    Christopher Marsh ·

    This is by far my favourite course and ive been recommending it to a lot of people, as well as training my crew with it. State Machines is where its at.