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Nathan Lovato

Godot 2D Secrets 1.2.0 is out!

Released on 14/09/2021

This major update brings a massive FTL-like tactical space game tutorial series with 22 new lessons.

The update also brings an experimental downloadable ebook version in the EPUB format.

Other fixes in the simulation game series:

  • Make power_direction a public var in 07.placing-items-and-fixing-their-look and 11.battery-entity.
  • Fix wrong path to in 07.placing-items-and-fixing-their-look.
  • Fix custom project setting instructions due to a change in Godot 3.3.3 in 07.placing-items-and-fixing-their-look.
  • Bearskij replied

    Perfect timing for me! 👍

  • B
    Andrew Bowen replied

    So excited for this. Can't believe you picked FTL. Always wanted to write my own version

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Glad you like it!