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Zythaar Anonymous

Typos, refactoring, engine update changes

Engine update changes

I'm using Godot 3.3.3.
In this version of godot their is no "Category" option for the ProjectSettings properties.
Because of this The properties are under Global.

# In the Chapter used (Godot 3.2.x)?
# in Godot 3.3.3 (not sure when this got introduced)

At the Section: Placing Inventory entities is a typo:

Head to /GUI/, and let’s start with some spring cleaning. Get rid of

It should be /Systems/


In /Entities/Blueprints/

The variable _power_indicator was renamed to "_power_direction" between Lections leading to a crash in the because the old variable is not updated in the "Code Reference Section"

source.output_direction = blueprint._power_indicator

# old source.output_direction = blueprint._power_indicator.output_directions

source.output_direction = blueprint._power_direction.output_directions
I now it is probably feasible to fix this. But i think it doesn't hurt either.
And this also violates the "code formatting guideline" because a pseudo private variable gets accessed outside of it's class.
  • Razoric replied

    1. The ideal fix would be to rephrase to "enter `game_gui/inventory_size` in Property" rather than pollute the global scope of the project settings.

    2 and 3. Thanks, will issue a fix.