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Nathan Lovato

Godot Node Essentials release 0.6.0

This major updates brings many improvements, dozens of new 3D demos, and some of the first 3D guides.

We also worked on 3D updates to the Tween, AnimationPlayer, and AudioStreamPlayer guides.

Here's the full changelog.

New features

  • Add RemoteTransform demo screens and guide
  • Add 3D light demos
  • Add 3D FPS screen
  • Add 3D RigidBody demos
  • Add five 3D Path demos and guide
  • Add 3D Navigation demos
  • Add box selection demo and section to Area2D
  • Add VisibilityNotifier2D demos
  • Add 3D security camera AudioStreamPlayer demo and guide
  • Add 3D doppler effect AudioStreamPlayer demo and guide
  • Add 3D speaker emission angle AudioStreamPlayer demo and guide
  • Add 3D step sounds depending on terrain AudioStreamPlayer demo
  • Add 3D RayCast demo of AI vision with many ray casts and area check
  • Add 3D CollectibleUI Tween demo and guide
  • Add 3D SpringAnimation Tween demo and guide
  • Add 3D card hand Tween demo and guide
  • Add probabilistic tiles generation TileMap demo and guide
  • Add building on a grid TileMap demo and guide
  • Add 2D step sounds depending on floor TileMap demo
  • Add 3D gun reload demo and guide to AnimationPlayer
  • Add 3D mesh highlight demo and guide to AnimationPlayer
  • Add grid-based Navigation 3D demo
  • Add enemy following the player 3D Navigation demo
  • Add 3D Navigation demo with toggling doors
  • Add GridMap building placement demo
  • Add GridMap probabilistic cells demo
  • Add GridMap 3D autotile demo
  • Write GridMap node guide


  • Add debug visualization for RayCast and Path nodes
  • Add 3D environment grid map
  • Add animated 3D astronaut character with:
    • Add ledge grab animation to Astronaut
    • Add Astronaut attack mechanic and animation
  • Refactor and clarify FireLaserOnTarget example
  • Add link to RemoteTransform2D guide in Path2D guide
  • Split the long pathfinding code section into shorter and clearer parts in Path2D guide
  • Allow moving the ship anytime in NavigationLine demo
  • Improve Line2D guide’s wording, remove most future tense
  • Add three pictures to the Line2D guide
  • Improve phrasing and add two pictures to the TileMap guide
  • Explain what the ShortCut resource is in ProgressBar guide
  • Improve phrasing in OptionButton
  • Use range lerp to calculate 3D ray cast rotation
  • Add raycast debug drawing to two screens
  • Make the panning sound relative to the center in audio demo
  • Improve phrasing in AudioStreamPlayer guide
  • Improve the wording of the HBoxContainer guide, add images
  • Add attack icon in JRPGActionList
  • Restore visible mouse mode when moving back to main menu
  • Remove future tense in PanelContainer, add image
  • Update AnimationPlayer code blocks
  • Add nicer styleboxes to EmailPassword demo
  • Make the form field turn red when typing an incomplete email in LoginPanel demo
  • Simplify the code and explanations for character name demo
  • Add astronaut to KinematicBody demos, make character faster
  • Add collision box to sign in Area demos
  • Add circular player attack to HurtBox demo
  • Improve phrasing in the RemoteTransform guide

Bug fixes

  • Fix UI element overlapping with next screen during transition in Path2D
  • Fix slider label overlapping with controls panel in Path2D
  • Make debug paths draw behind their parent
  • Fix Path2D drawings not hiding when turning off debug drawing
  • Fix debug drawing not resetting in two Path2D screens
  • Correct the heading level for two demos in Path2D guide
  • Limit the speed of the golf ball in Line2D demo
  • Fix clicking fast causing the ship to follow the same path in 2D navigation demo
  • Remove outdated control instructions in demo top labels
  • Fix sound playing for too long in audio dialogue demos
  • Lower the volume of jump sound effects
  • Fix character flickering in corners in side-scrolling screens
  • Fix HBoxContainer demos not being centered, simplify code
  • Fix markdown errors in
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    Mark_Karnowski replied

    Thanks for this. Some great additions to a very useful reference resource.