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Why is DragPreview also called the "mouse's inventory"?

I'm a little confused by the usage of the term "inventory" for DragPreview. The DragPreview is a node that sticks to the mouse and basically replicates the blueprint system that was used in EntityPlacer. Can someone explain why this DragPreview is called the "mouse's inventory"? Saying that the mouse has its own inventory implies that there are two inventories, i.e in this sentence: "If we want the inventory to interact with the mouse’s inventory, we need to pass DragPreview to the entity placer or somewhere else."

However when I make a mental map of what this means, I see that the inventory that needs to interact with DragPreview, not the inventory that needs to interact with the "mouse's inventory". 

Perhaps it also means giving the mouse access to blueprints? Or maybe it's more appropriate to title the subheader "giving the mouse blueprints". Using the term inventory figuratively when it has a literal meaning in another context (the actual inventory) is a little confusing, because it makes me think that somehow inventory is duplicated across two contexts.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    It means just that, attaching an item to the mouse.

    Blueprints represent items, and when clicking an item slot, we remove it from the clicked slot and move it to the mouse.

    Sure, I guess we could rephrase it to attaching an item to the mouse.

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    lelandhwu replied