Link for the Youtube series with the link to the resources!

Daniel Queiroz Porto(daniel-queiroz-porto)
I mean, you can see the url in the video and type it or search it, but it would be nice to have the link in the description here as well. For anyone else looking for them, here it is: Though I have to say, I know longer videos are better for youtube, but I quite liked how you subdivided the videos here, and it really helps me in how I study, makes things easier to take notes and take in the knowledge! Thanks for going through the trouble!
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  • Daniel Queiroz Porto(daniel-queiroz-porto) replied

    Also, just noticed you don't need any of the links because the project for this one is already in the zip file at the beginning of the course!

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    Neumie replied

    Just a heads up. I downloaded the course files at the top of the course but, for the steering project, it looks like the project is already complete. It's not the start version of the project.

    I grabbed a copy of the start version from Git Hub.

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  • Xananax replied

    We'll check what's going on, thanks for the report!

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    _Ben_ replied

    How do you get the start version from GitHub? I can see all the files but I can't see anyway to download them, the tutorial says to load the start version into Godot but how do we do this if we can't download it?

    Update: Nevermind, I downloaded all of the demos (2017/18/19) as I couldn't find how to download a specific one.

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