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Course was good, but...








  • Nathan Lovato replied


    As you can see on the community tab, people don't have issues inserting spaces in their text. I'm using Firefox right now.

    Would you perhaps be using an extension that reads your keyboard input and conflicts with this text editor? Could you try with a private window, with all extensions off, to see if you can type normally? Or with another browser if you have one installed?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Kind regards,


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    jbsoum replied

    I liked the course, but there were times when the code didn't work as is, and I had to debug on the fly.

    I enjoyed the challenges, and found them helpful in challenging my understanding of the material. Did not like the fact that the solutions to the challenges were often incomplete, and only overviews. For those that can't complete the challenges, seeing an incomplete solution that does not allow you to recreate the solution can be discouraging. I have programming experience, and even I found this to be demoralizing at times.

    I think the course could be improved with detailed walkthroughs of the solutions to the challenges.

    Setting DrawingUtils as a class or as a tool did not work on Godot 3.2.3. I had to set it to a var in the scripts I wanted to call it from and load it directly in the functions I wanted to call those functions from, as well as change the DrawingUtils functions to global functions. Also had to remove it from Autoload, and not set it as a tool.

    Thank you for an overall helpful course!

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    jbsoum replied
    I reloaded my browser, and spacebar seems to be working again. Not sure what happened there. See above for my easier to read feedback.