Nathan Lovato

Course changelog (early access)

The course is still in early access and as the platform is young and doing this kind of series for the first time, you might find some inconsistencies in the videos.

Every time you do so, please please leave me a message so that I can fix them.  you can directly open a question or a topic on the lessons.

Here is the first batch of fixes (until 2019-10-08):

  • Fixed showing the max function instead of min in the first chapter, to limit the player’s speed
  • Added the missing 20 seconds of footage in the first video,  where we downloading unzip the assets
  • Fixed abrupt transition in several videos
  • Fixed no valid answers in the quizzes
  • Fixed the upload button in assignments not working
  • Fixed some lessons inverted in the first two chapters
  • Added an early access message at the start of the course so people know that they can report issues

There are other minor improvements to some videos or lessons that I have not written down, I’ve reuploaded the godot projects after a small code update.

Thanks to everyone who reported the issues!

Every time you find a bug with the platform, you can tell me and I will send it to the Mavenseed development team so they can fix it, or you can directly send them a message at [email protected].

I already messaged them about the lack of an option to display a nickname instead of your first and last names, and they acknowledged the problem. For now, you can change your first and last name in your account settings ( and this is what will be displayed.

First content update (2019-10-08):

I have uploaded the third chapter’s videos but for now, there is no quiz or assignment. Only the tutorials, including the exclusive light 2D ones.

I am preparing for the Godot convention and the development sprint next week in Poland, where I will work on the official documentation, followed by the Blender conference where I will be giving a presentation on Thursday, October 24th. As a result, progress on the course may slow down until the end of the month.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I just re-recorded and added the missing Window settings tutorial in

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    Uncle Khan(unclekhan) replied

    The course is great and will only get better. I'm planning on going thru it a 2nd time to double check some of the changes and then a 3rd time with some of my friends that are very new to Godot. I will let you know any other oddities that I find.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks a lot! You don't have to bother watching again unless it's for your own learning, I wouldn't want you to give away your time just to help us spot issues. Hopefully, other students will report bugs when they find one. 🙂

  • c
    Chief A(chiefa) replied

    Great work and course content. Finally I learned everything I needed about Area2D and Light2D.

    Some bugs in the site:

    1) The video player is very fast and good, but it has a bug that every time you click on the full screen button it pauses the video (restarting the video buffer) then resume .

    2) If you are already logged in and entering in the link that you posted it ( you stay in the log in page as you're not already logged. I think the best solution is if you already logged to redirect you to your accont (

    3) The edit button of the site community is not working.

    Suggestions for the site:

    1) Add a checkbox in the current lesson, but it it stills checked for every lesson of the course to if the person wants to automatically mark the lesson as complete when the video ends.

    2) Add arrows buttons in the video player to go to the previous video (or beginning of the current video) and to the next video.