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_get_pickup_count not being used

The function _get_pickup_count is not used ever. The Entity class has a pickup_count property that could be used for this if we export it. Actually is the one this lesson uses to check in _finish_deconstruct on the EntityPlacer. I guess _get_pickup_count was something used on previous versions of this course or maybe it will be used properly in the following lessons, but at least this lesson is wrong stating "You can now mine the boulder and get a dozen units of stone".

After checking the final project, I see that its using the pickup_countproperty exported. There is just only one _get_pickup_count function left (unused) on, I guess is a mistake.

Next lesson 08.trees-ore-and-mining-feedback has the same problem.

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    Gonsen replied

    Oh! by the way, we create the pickup_count property (not exported) on 04.engine-entity in the first part of this course. It will probably need modification too in order to fix this issue.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks, true, I'm on it.