Kropp Iannello(kroppiannello)

Unknown class 'Actor'

Hi! I'm trying to extend the class 'Actor' from the 'Player' class but it throws an exception... it says : error(1, 1) : Unkown class : "Actor" here's the code Player class : extends Actor Actor class : extends KinematicBody2D class_name Actor
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    So you're writing it like

    extends KinematicBody2D
    class_name Actor

    Right? Can you check that:

    1. You saved every script file
    2. You are using Godot 3.1

    Have you tried restarting Godot as well?

    This generally helps to solve the error.

  • s
    stephen t(stephent) replied

    I had this problem as well, I discovered I had installed godot from the fedora repo's and it wasn't the latest version. Downloading the latest version from godot fixed the problem.