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I really feel like those videos would benefit from intro and outro. They feel like they start in a middle of video and end in a middle of video like someone did abrupt cut in a middle of editing it. Experience is really jarring because of that and leaves me confused at times if it's the end of a video or not. While content itself is great and very clear and I have no problem with it this minor detail really would improve my experience with a course.
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I see, thanks. You're correct that it's a long course recorded and edited in big batches, then split up to make each part a bit easier to digest or navigate back to - rather than having a 45 min. tutorial here, a 20 min. one there.

    I'll be more careful to help people to follow along in the future, between videos. It has a lot to do with the phrasing I think. I'll keep that in mind.