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Ryan Kornheisl

Animation not looping

When I update the AnimationPlayer to loop the animation, and I launch the game, they do not loop. One oddity is that my AnimationPlayer node in the scene tree is greyed out? Not sure if this is related to the issue. I noticed after I added the AnimationTree node that is changed.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    If this is happening only with the animation player, and from the imported animations on Mannequiny, this is a limitation of the system.

    Normally, animations should be set to loop on the imported character automatically. This happens by putting a suffix in their name in Blender before exporting.

    Perhaps I can look into it if you would like. Could you upload your Godot project as a ZIP archive to something like Google Drive or Dropbox, and put the link here?

    I can look directly at what is happening in Godot and how to fix it.

  • K
    Ryan Kornheisl replied

    Wow thanks for the quick response. This is the mannequiny I imported but it seems like the root node and everything under that also are greyed out. I am wondering maybe if something changed in Godot 3.3 that causes this? I am going to take another look, maybe try importing again and following your set up of the scene more closely, and if that doesn't work I will zip it up for you to look at!

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    Ryan Kornheisl replied

    Alright so somehow all that happened was that somehow the inheritance hadn't been cleared (or less likely, got reloaded somehow) and so I just had to simply clear the inheritance again and it was no longer greyed out and was properly looping. Thanks for the help!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Glad you could find the solution!