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Nathan Lovato

2D Secrets 1.0.3 out now!

Released on 21/04/2021

This update brings a bunch of fixes and minor improvements.

JRPG core series:

  • Add two missing setter functions in a code listing in 20.status-effects.
  • Write about inherited scenes and sharing nodes in battler scenes in 21.applying-status-effects.

JRPG UI series:

  • Remove duplicated instruction to delete a node in 02.the-action-menu.
  • Add instruction to assign a scene using the inspector in 03.selecting-a-target.
  • Add gif animation for the selected animation in 08.battler-and-hud-selection.

Simulation game:

  • Rename an outdated variable in 10.power-paths-and-updates.

Design pattern series:

  • Fixed typo in 01.finite-state-machine.