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Ezequiel Camezzana
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The content of this course is excellent, I switched to godot after seeing several of your videos, because my initial idea was to build an jrpg and your open RPG project helped me a lot. In short, due to labor issues, I could not start the project at that time but I am doing it now and I just want to thank you for the hard work that this course has. Before I go I would like to give some advice: There is no video tutorial in the whole internet to make a basic role-playing game (jrpg), I think that merging this combat system + pieces of code from the Open RPG could create something unique, a small complete role-playing game, I think it would be something incredible.
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks much!

    We considered doing an RPG course last year but went for 2D Secrets instead, as it's interesting and useful to more people to see various types of games.

    The thing with making a complete rpg is it'd take a lot of work, and even if a lot of the code you learn applies to other kinds of games, only people interested in making an RPG would support such a project.

    Now, we're looking to cover other things in priority, focusing on topics that might be interesting to many persons, and serve Godot users at large too.