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JinChuan Ma

Any help on the export of godot-python

I hope to build a commercial game through this, and I don’t want to expose the source code.
I want to get an exported method

This is my problem

Or is there any other way to achieve my purpose of calling python scripts?
I hope my game can use the python ecosystem


  • Nathan Lovato replied


    We don't use community-supported languages, so we can't help you with that. I don't even know if the Python bindings are still in development or supported.

    That's the problem if you go with third-party languages, you have to make extra sure that everything works before starting your project and that the language will receive continued support.

    I would really recommend using either GDScript or C# right now. Unless you have a company or a team that guarantees support in the future, or you'll maintain the language bindings yourself, I'd avoid community bindings for commercial projects.

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    JinChuan Ma replied

    Thank you very much for your reply. The use of this binding is just to use the content of the python ecology, and most of the content is developed with gdscript