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Rokatansky Anonymous
posted to: Player choices

Misleading course title


This course is more like "How to use resources with json" than "Visual novel".

It's underdeveloped. No "press to skip" button? Controls with keyboard only? No conditions for answers, no event log("If two days ago you said "a", and today you'll have specific conversation", etc...) What kind of visual novel is it?

I can do it myself, but what this course about then?

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    The course is not just about using JSON as you get to design and code the text box, character display, choices, and sequencing a scene. In that, you get to create a complete dialogue system, with animations and optional branches. 

    But yes, player decisions don't influence future scenes at the moment. You'd have to extend what's shown in the course with a variable to store that info.

    The courses in 2D Secrets are mostly focused on some reusable techniques we want to teach, like in this case, creating a dialogue system with a good separation of concerns, something scalable.

    So, it's a short series, focused on playing and handling dialogues.

    I've updated the series' title to better set people's expectations for now.


    Could you give me an exhaustive list of the features you expected to see and that aren't in this series?

    So far, I get you're missing:

    1. Mouse and touch controls
    2. Skip button (does this mean accelerating the game? Or ending the conversation right away and jumping to the next scene?)
    3. Storing and taking player decisions into account

    Would there be anything else? I had thought of localization support and showing how to use an editor too.

    Would you have a visual novel to recommend to see these features in action?

    Can't promise I'll get to cover them all, as we have 4 to 5 more tutorial series to deliver right now, but I'll be happy to improve the course moving forward.

  • Rokatansky Anonymous replied

    First of all I must apologize for harsh language.

    Achievement unlocked: "You were attacked by a gorilla! With a keyboard!".

    I think dialogue system is shallow compared to Simulation game which is thorough course with many techinques that can be used in vast number of project(and inventory system suitable for adventure, rpg or any genre) or JRPG combat with stat system, damage formulas, interface tutorial etc. 

    From one of the lattest updates on Visual Novel course:

    Now, we had the idea of giving you a nice little story and art to make it more than a dull tech demo. The series would be much nicer for you with actual content.

    That's why I've decided to delay writing it a bit. We found two professional artists to work on it: a writer and an illustrator.

    I must admit that my expectations regarding this course were too high.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I get you're disappointed, and I'm sorry for that.

    Keep in mind 2D Secret's still in early access though and as mentioned above, I'll happily add more content based on your feedback.

    When we release a series, it's not necessarily final. For example, the JRPG series got improvements and new content over 3 or 4 updates.

    Then, if this series' short, it's in part the genre's nature. Visual novels are fairly basic in terms of implementation. All the challenge lies in the art and story, which are beyond this course's scope.

    Anyhow, I'd appreciate if you can tell me any improvements you'd like, as I asked you in the previous reply.

    I've already taken note of what you wrote in your first post. But more suggestions and details on what you expect would be welcome.


    Regarding this point.

    From one of the lattest updates on Visual Novel course:

    Sure, so as mentioned in that news, the delay was about adding art and story, not the first tutorial series' scope.

    After that, the writer went missing for two months before canceling the project due to health issues. The artist's delivering slowly. I just got the final two characters, still waiting for the expressions and backgrounds.

    But I didn't want to wait further to start writing the tutorials.

    I'm sorry I didn't communicate it, I just didn't think about it as I always have a lot on my plate, managing and working on every series in this course + youtube + the rest.

    But please always keep in mind the course's in development, it's in early access, and we're always listening to feedback and ready to make big improvements.

  • Rokatansky Anonymous replied

    1. Mouse and touch controls
    2. Skip button (does this mean accelerating the game? Or ending the conversation right away and jumping to the next scene?)
    3. Storing and taking player decisions into account

    That's correct.

    2. Skip button to quickly skip text(accelerating).

    Thank you

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks, I've taken note of all that and will tackle it in a course update.

    I logged the tasks publicly here in case you'd like to see when I get to them:

    Note I've got a lot to work on at the moment so I can't give you a precise ETA just yet. I'll do my best to tackle it by the end of March release (March 31st)

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I'm making a first update tonight adding mouse support, the skip button, and some little extras.

    I'll be shifting focus temporarily to the last chapter of the simulation series, which is ready to test and release, while the artist's working on the backgrounds.

    And the lasting player choices will come along with that in a future release. Hopefully, by the end of the month.