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Minor bug

Version 0.7.1 here, I've noticed that as soon as I've placed a StirlingEngine, the blueprint's sprite (colored in red) appears behind the new engine, forcing me to drop and create a brand new blueprint to get rid of this bug.

  • Razoric replied

    I'm unable to recreate the issue. The blueprint entity should appear behind the engine after one has been placed, but if you then move the mouse the blueprint should move with it and turn to its normal color again (so you can place more than one.)

    Can you clarify what happens when this bug occurs?

  • Etilem replied


    At first, I've created the two engines on the left, then I've dropped and recreate the blueprint, then I've put the two on the right. The last two screenshots show what's displayed when I hover the engines : those on the right side are buggy.

    Maybe it's because I don't use strict typing in my code... I don't know (and I'm using Godot 3.2.3 on Kali Linux).

  • Razoric replied

    Oh. I see.

    This is based on the order the blueprint is instanced VS the engines. Because we add the blueprint first, it will appear behind anything that is instanced second (the entity), which is why it appears behind the model, even though it's on top.

    We don't fix it in chapter 1, but it does get fixed when we move the preview out of EntityPlacer and into being part of the GUI layer in chapter 2. In a way, this highlights the limitation of having what should be a GUI element be a part of the game world.

  • Etilem replied
    Thanks, I like the idea of iterating over prototypes to achieve the complete solution !