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Nathan Lovato

Godot 2D Secrets 0.6.0 is out!

Released on 14/01/2021

This little content update brings one new design pattern guide, as well as a bunch of fixes and improvements.

Design patterns chapter:

  • New guide about the Entity-Component-System (ECS) pattern.

JRPG core series:

  • Added missing expire() function definition in 20.status-effects.

JRPG UI series:

  • Added instructions to position the UIActionMenu in 02.the-action-menu.
  • Fixed typo in 04.turn-bar.
  • Changed ProgressBar into TextureProgress in
  • Fixed call to initialize() instead of setup() in 07.the-battler-hud.
  • Fixed typos in 10.damage-and-miss-labels.
  • Swapped order of the last two lessons on the website.

TRPG movement series:

  • Fix 3 pictures showing as filenames instead of pictures in 01.grid.
  • Add missing variable definition and idle animation in 02.the-unit.
  • Add missing condition and timer property change in 03.player-cursor.

Simulation game series:

  • Fixed typo in class name.