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MissedLabel file name and Lesson typos

In the Miss Label section it says the following:

Create a scene with a position 2D named UIMissLabel as its root, a Label, and an AnimationPlayer. Save it as UIMissLabel.tscn.

Later in the lesson the MissLabel node/scene is referred to as UIMissedLabel (with the 'ed' in Missed). The final code does in fact have the file named as UIMissedLabel.tscn.

There are also two instances of a strange formatting typo appearing in the code:

![](images/onready var _tween: Tween = $Tween)

func setup(...) -> void:
![](images/   global_position = start_global_position)
The first and last lines above have "![](images/ ..... )" in them.
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Ah, seems like another formatter + build system issue. Will be fixed in the next update, thanks!