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Nathan Lovato

Godot 2D Secrets v0.5.1 is out!

This is a "bugfix" release, addressing multiple questions and issues reporting over the past several days.

Released on 06/01/2021

Simulation game:

  • Fixed instruction saying to create a Node2D instead of a BlueprintEntity in lesson 04.engine-entity.

JRPG series:

  • Added missing signal definitions and updated code reference in 14.taking-and-inflicting-damage.
  • Added missing call to emit_signal() in the code reference in lesson 17.queueing-player-turns.
  • Renamed BattlerAI._is_health_*()’s rate argument to ratio.

Tactical RPG movement:

  • Fixed typo in 02.the-unit.
  • Fixed misplaced text inside a code block in 02.the-unit.
  • Added missing instructions about the selected animation in 02.the-unit.