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Zoidberg zoidbergforpresident
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I just wished...

... Godot had interfaces and inheritance. :P Also, not sure I am a fan of you typing modifications then going back, it makes things really error-prone. :( I know: I'm annoying. :P
  • Nathan Lovato replied
    You have inheritance, that's what the extends keyword does. And you have several alternatives to interfaces. GDScript is a duck-typed language so you can use has_method(), you can create custom types with the class_name keyword and do type checks with the is keyword, casting with as, etc.
  • Nathan Lovato replied
    Also if you spot times where I type something and go back later in the course and this causes confusion or pushes you to make mistakes, could you share the time of the video this happens? I need to understand the issue precisely if it's not a one-off mistake on my end - that way I can make better tutorials moving forward.
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    jakea109 replied

    I think they were referring to when you provide an example of another way to do something via code, similar to what happens at the 5:45 timestamp. I did the same thing, I went into autopolit mode and starting copying what you were doing before I realized why you were doing it. I don't think it's a big issue, if anything is a good reminder that I should be focused on learning and less focused on copying what you are doing on screen.