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Hal Helms

Some suggestions

  1. It'd be good to swap the order here and present the organic room algorithm overview and illustration image first before diving into the implementation, like you did in the previous lesson. That way we have some context for what we're trying to achieve before looking at code.
  2. "FACTOR" isn't too descriptive of a name for a constant, maybe "ORGANIC_GROWTH_FACTOR"? Or perhaps make it an export var so that its value can be configured from the editor?
  3. add_room() is quite big, it feels odd that _add_rectangular_room() and add_organic_room() functions weren't extracted from it. I guess it was skipped since it's an intermediate step for the more comprehensive refactoring in the next lesson, but it might still be worth mentioning.
  4. A newline is missing on the statement `var poly_partial := []`
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm taking note of all that and sending it to the course's writer, Razvan, for review.

    Regarding 4., it's a known issue due to the platform and the devs are working on a new text editor integration that doesn't wrap code lines. I invite you to download the offline version of the course if you'd like to get the code without these formatting errors.

    More info: