Animation Tree finished signal?

Dominik Waurenschk(DasCapschen)
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so you're waiting for the Animation Player to finish playing it's animation, then transition to the next state.

I'm using an AnimationTree instead, how can I achive the same? Connecting to the AnimationPlayer the AnimationTree uses does not work, the signal is not emitted. And the AnimationTree itself does not have signals at all.

Have I overlooked something, or do I need to code some hack to make it happen?

Using Godot 3.2.2 btw :)

Thank you!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    The animation tree is designed in such a way it's meant to be controlled from the outside. I haven't used it extensively but for the 3D Mannequin, what we do is we have a public method that controls the animated character from a parent node. Like so:

    onready var animation_tree: AnimationTree = $AnimationTreeonready
    var _playback: AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback = animation_tree["parameters/playback"]
    func transition_to(state_id: int) -> void:
        match state_id:		

    When you call travel() on an animation tree like so, it will still respect each node's settings, like having to wait until the animation ends before moving on. In a sense, this function sets the target node you want to reach in the tree.

    Otherwise, the animation tree only controls an AnimationPlayer, so you can still connect to that player's animation_changed and animation_finished signals. But I would rather define a function like above.

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    Dominik Waurenschk(DasCapschen) replied

    Thanks for the answer.

    I have a signal that my state machine emits, and my AnimationTree then does the travel() like in your function.

    My problem is that the AnimationPlayer does not emit the "animation_finished" signal when controlled by an AnimationTree. So I get stuck in spawn state.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    The animation player will only emit animation finished when an animation finished playing. If it's looping or changing before the end, you may want to use animation_changed instead. In either case, I would recommend avoiding using the animation player's signals and controlling the animation from the state machine, as much as you can.