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Daniel Queiroz Porto

Shader Secrets - Share your Experiments or Results from the course!

I've been doing the Shader Secrets Course and publishing my experiments with them in a web project on my to show my friends! It's been really fun and I'm loving what I'm learning and how much of a difference it makes to add some spice to a simple project!

Here is my progress so far, just finished all the shader up to the 0.2.0 release of the Shader Secrets course:

My favorites are the first two, the "Suspects" scene (which is a mix of the 2D Outlines with using shaders for Masks and the Blur shader) and the Shockwave one!

That shockwave effect when the monster screams is something I really wanted to put on my game, but I didn't know how so I released it without it! I hope to take some time when I can to introduce it in my game as an VFX update!

If you're doing the course as well, I'm curious to see your results or experiments too!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    That's great, thanks for sharing!