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Card Getting Declined

Hello, posting to see if anyone else is having this problem:

I've been trying to purchase the course for awhile, but every time my card is declined. I've tried two different cards and two different browsers, and things aren't working. Could you add a PayPal option for payment or something like that?


  • Nathan Lovato replied
    Hi, Payments are handled via Stripe on this platform, so there isn't much I can do directly. I just checked and apparently the issue isn't on Stripe's end, it would have something to do with your bank. I don't think we'll have PayPal support here anytime soon, but for now at least, you can also get the course on Gumroad, that supports PayPal: Also, your bank may be able to help allow the transaction if you contact them. Kind regards, Nathan
  • C
    G C replied

    Thank you! The Stripe purchase worked on Gumroad for me.