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Zoidberg zoidbergforpresident

Not getting a specific icon for the StateMachine script/Node when saving

It just doesn't work...
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    Zoidberg zoidbergforpresident replied

    Actually it doesn't update in the tree view but the icons DO show in the select node search window when adding...

  • c
    John codejbda replied

    I am also not getting it to work? Any help please?

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    Sergio Candela Ramírez replied

    Yes, this is happening to me too, but as @Zoidberg said, I can see the right icons when trying to add the nodes...In my opinion, it's not a big deal, so I'll go ahead

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    Sergio Candela Ramírez replied

    I have tried to update my previous reply, the web won't let me.

    Reopening Godot solved the issue for me, the icons are now where they are supossed to be.. Cheers!

  • Laurent Ongaro replied

    Same issue with Godot 3.2.3 (mono version), the editor must be restarted to see the icon change