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Nathan Lovato

More updates coming for Shader and VFX Secrets


I just wanted to let you know we're working on updates for both Shader Secrets and VFX Secrets.

For shader secrets, in the next release, you should get:

  • The 3D advanced toon shader, our most advanced series with deferred rendering and a custom light model
  • 3D animated force-field (sci-fi shield effect)
  • Procedural 2D cloud shadows
  • Gradient mapping primer

And some more. This will be the 1.0 release, taking the course out of early access.

In VFX Secrets:

  • Johnny is working on lightning, with a chained lighting spell.
  • Pigdev is going to write a follow-up to the ghost effect showing how to achieve one as in 2D Castlevania games.
  • Daniel Queiroz Porto replied

    These all seem awesome, can't wait for them!