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Daniel Queiroz Porto

Dissolve tutorials order

By the way, this was something I forgot to mention earlier, but I noticed it's still happening with the new zip file for 0.2.0, the dissolve tutorials in the download folder are ordered like 2D first and 3D second, while here on mavenseed it's first Dissolve 3D and then Dissolve 2D.

It's not a huge problem, and if you try to follow the Dissolve 2D it clearly says it will build uppon the 3D one, and I guess that's why I forgot to report it earlier.

Also the new zip file name is but the folder it extracts is still named godot-shader-secrets-0.1.1

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks for telling us, I'm taking note of it to fix in the next update.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    I just uploaded a fixed version of the .zip archive. Thanks for the report!