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Juan Ortega

Slight movement on slope when landing from a jump

Hi Nathan, The code for moving on a slope is working fine for me, however, I'm noticing a slight sliding movement down the slope whenever you land from a long jump. I've tried to fiddle with some of the code but I'm not able to fix it. Any ideas of what might be causing this?
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    It's due to the number of slide operations applied by move_and_slide*. By default upon colliding with a surface, the function will try to re-apply the remaining velocity of the body up to 4 times, to make you smoothly move along slopes or curved surfaces. When landing on a slope though, it causes you to move a bit.

    You can update your call to move_and_slide_with_snap like so:

    move_and_slide_with_snap(_velocity, snap, FLOOR_NORMAL, true, 3 if is_on_floor() else 1, PI/3)

    The fifth argument is the number of slides (move, collide, and project the velocity along the surface) to apply. 3 on the floor, and 1 in the air. With these values, upon landing, the character will stop.

    The 6th argument is the max angle of the slope.

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    Juan Ortega replied

    Ah, makes sense! Thank you for the explanation, it's very helpful :)

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    Yok-Him Devn replied

    Hello Nathan,

    Thought I would post it here since it's related to the OP's topic.

    I found that when I use

    3 if is_on_floor() else 1

    and jump towards the wall while keeping the direction keys pressed down my character clings to the wall and very slowly slides down.

    But when I changed it back to 4, it's good again, but then the slight movement is back. Any thoughts?

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    It makes sense, I hadn't tested walls. The code should take walls into account and have more slides there:

    3 if is_on_floor() or is_on_wall() else 1
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    Yok-Him Devn replied

    Thanks, Nathan, it works!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Glad it helped!