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Miguel Iguaz Cava

Coupons not working

I tried to apply the europe-20 coupon as a discount(a message appeared suggesting I was eligible since I was buying from Spain), to get a 20% off when buying a couple of courses but it kept saying it was invalid. Tried typing it, copying and pasting...

So...commenting before shelling out 50$ :)

Couldn't find any e-mail for technical support so I posted here.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Sorry for the late reply Miguel, I didn't get a notification of your message. I'm available on Twitter, Discord, or, as written on all course pages, nathan [at] The email address is also on our YouTube channel.

    The coupon error could be a display bug, or a browser extension blocking some features of the website. It happens to some people, and we've reported the issue to the developers, but it might be tricky to fix.

    Please send me a message anytime to solve that. In general when you make your purchase, the coupon will still apply if you clicked "apply coupon" and it showed invalid. The bug seems to only affect display on the web page.

    In case you'd be charged too much, I'm here to refund the excess amount. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal, where I will manually set the correct amount, with the discount applied.