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Hei Wood
posted to: What you'll learn

Can we have subtitles?

As a non native speaker, I can understand spoken english 90% of the time and that's why I always watch english videos on Youtube and Udemy with english subtitles so I don't misheard anything. I think that it is very common. Can this platform support automatic subtitles? Because I'm afraid adding them manually to each video would be too much work. Other than that, the course seems to be very nice.
  • Nathan Lovato replied
    Right now, the platform doesn't seem to support subtitles. It'd be nice to have indeed. I'll forward the request to the Mavenseed staff. Thanks!
  • Nathan Lovato replied
    I got an answer from the Mavenseed staff: it's on their to-do list. So it should be available someday - no ETA for now.
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    Guest 342856496 replied

    Maybe they could be added to the downloadable zip files in the meantime.

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    Hei Wood replied

    I found this free and online tool that makes the subtitles automatically like youtube or udemy. That could be a solution if it works as good as they say.

  • flesk replied

    I'm in the same boat. Also not a native speaker, and always use subtitles when I can.