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Constanty Bertrand
posted to: What you will learn

I have just completed the course: my opinion

To make it short: perfect for me. Some more detail for the people willing to learn Godot and GDscript: I have little to no background in programming, my experience is limited to Basic (long ago with Amstrad) and Construct 3. I followed step by step every move with some hick ups here and there. I had a lot of global understanding difficulties at the beginning, I was strugling with the Godot system philosophy, (I was trying to transpose, comparing it to my obsolete knowledge). I finally accepted it and I could anticipate a lot of move in the end. the additional tips in the course were key for me, as well as the reactive answers from GDQuest + the advise for organizing scripts. I am coding a classic PONG at the moment (using sprite already done to focus on the programming), and surprisingly, it is starting to work....So go for this course. Bertrand
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thank you very much for the kind words. 🙂