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Eelco Hillenius
posted to: Adding gravity

inferred typing

Hi, I know inferred typing is a language feature and that you address it elsewhere, but imho the tutorial would be better if you'd shortly address it (e.g. by first using the type hint and then removing it to say in the remainder of the course you'll use the inferred typing).
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Having watched our beginner GDScript tutorial or read the GDScript intro in the official docs is a pre-requisite for this course, and the feature is covered in both guides.

    Also, is it an issue for you? You seem to know inferred typing already. I add extra information or lessons to solve problems that multiple students actually struggle with. Otherwise, I prefer to answer individual questions individually.

  • H
    Eelco Hillenius replied

    I skimmed the GDScript intro and missed that part, and it took me a little to figure out what := meant. I was thinking about Pascal assignments at first but then was wondering why it wasn't used everywhere. Anyway, fair enough as you do state that the GDScript tutorial is a pre-requisite. Cheers.