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Austin McKee

My characted doesn't jump.

I've crossed checked every script I could think of with my (start) project and the pre-completed character movement project but I can't see any reason why my character doesn't jump but yours does.
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    Austin McKee replied

    EDIT: If I remove the "player._is_on_floor" if statement from the Air State script my player jumps once but can't return to idle or jump again upon landing.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Could you share your code as a .ZIP archive? It's hard to help you without that, it's likely a small thing in the code that causes this bug.

    You can put your .zip file on wetransfer or a service like that and link it here, I'll take a look at it straight inside of Godot.

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    Austin McKee replied

    I ended up fixing it with changing:

    "if player.is_on_floor()"


    "if player.is_on_floor() and _parent.velocity.y < 1:"

    Unless there is some issue this could cause going forward I am just going to stick with this fix.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    That's good if it works for you!