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yousef bohadi

The Agent isn't responding

After adjusting the smoothing on the modulate to [capture] in the animation player's tracks (fade_in and fade_out), the target that should appear on "click" no longer does. I've fiddled with the animation player settings, but to no avail. What's more the arrow age that has the CharacterArriveTo code stays in place. here is what I have tried to solve this issue: - I copied and compared the code from the finished project, found some small misspells and differences and corrected them - I tried to use the Godot UI to signal the on_body_entered method instead of manually connecting the signal using the connect method, as shown in the video - I tried to work backwards and find the point where the leader arrow stopped following the click and mouse After all that, I suspect that there is an issue in the disable/enable of the physics process belonging to the node called Target. I tried to post the main steps taken to attempt solving the issue above, there were also other smaller measures taken, but these were the main ones. Sorry for writing no code, as I feel that just posting bodies of code redundant. Any input on resolving this matter is greatly appreciated. And sorry if there isn't much to go on..
  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Could you upload your godot project as a zip archive to a platform like wetransfer? I'll look at the code straight. It's difficult to help you without that.

    Just one note on "adjusting the smoothing on the modulate to [capture] in the animation player's tracks": if you meant that you changed the first keyframe's easing curve, you cannot do that on a capture tween, I believe. It's only linear. That is because you control easings between two keyframes from the one on the left. And with capture tracks, you start without a keyframe.