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Nathan Lovato

Three new assignments available in the Platformer course

There are three new assignments and the corresponding solutions available in the course Create a Platform Game Character with Godot:

  1. Fleeing the mouse cursor
  2. Charged Hook
  3. Air Dash

You can download the updated Godot projects here.

To access the code for the assignments, you'll need to use git to checkout to the corresponding assignment branches. For more information, watch the lesson Navigating the code with Git.

In 03.steering-behaviors-into, you can access the assignment with the following shell command:

git checkout assignment/fleeing-the-mouse-cursor

In 05.spawn-and-death, you can access the assignments by calling:

git checkout assignment/air-dash
git checkout assignment/charged-hook

Note that you can also use a git client with a graphical user interface like GitHub Desktop or Git Kraken to change branch.

I hope you'll like them!