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What's the extended content compared to the course available on YouTube?

Hi there! Thanks for the awesome course! Yesterday I managed to follow the three videos available on YouTube and wanted to say thanks by signing up for the paid course here. However, I expected to find some kind of follow-up to what's already shown on YouTube, like "revisiting Chapter 1 and adding/ improving x y z". Instead, the free content here doesn't match the free content on YouTube and the extended content (that is only available here) is gleefully mixed in between. I don't want to watch everything again to spot the differences, I'd rather just continue where I left off. I don't know whether Mavenseed can do that, but a "mark YouTube content as completed" option would be superb, so then every video that was included on YouTube would get that green little checkmark and allow to quickly spot what's the _extended_ content. Anyways, thanks for putting it all together! 👌