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sergio mello grand

last version of course not aligned with recent changes in Github

oin github I see for a change in master Remove delta from the velocity's calculation Velocity being a speed in a given direction, it should be speed * direction. If we multiply it by delta, it becomes a motion. velocity_new = move_direction * move_speed instead of velocity_new = move_direction * delta * move_speed the of today still has old code
  • Nathan Lovato replied


    That's normal, all the projects on our GitHub are continuously in development, and open for contributions and other improvements. That's why you have a download for the projects inside the course - the git history there is built manually, from scratch, specifically for educational purposes.

    It's not possible to add every change on the main repositories to the course, as:

    1. A course needs to be organized to teach you stuff, while actual development is a bit chaotic. I can't append videos randomly at the end of the course. For every update, I have to port and refactor the changes from the main repo, plan new chapters, etc.
    2. It would make the videos inconsistent with the code in general. I've tried in the past, and it would confuse students.

    Now when we have a bug fixed after the course is released in the main repo and it affects an early lesson, I'll write an errata there. For the issue you're mentioning, I already wrote one in the corresponding lesson I believe.

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    sergio mello grand replied

    Thanks, I understand your point, of course. Just wanted to report it to other peiple who might get a better understanding of what is happening.

    You do a tremendeous job in education, really very precious. Forgive me. Thanks for all the effort you put in this.

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    You don't have to apologize! I rarely take offense. Just like you did, I try to write detailed answers for people who might have the same concerns or feel confused about that.