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Thorsten t.kerkhoff

Some strange results with camera_rig._position_start ?

Using the recently released Godot stable 3.2, the exit function with camera_rig.spring_arm.translation = camera_rig._position_start gave me the result of the camera "returning" to twice the height it was before. I think that's thanks to the spring arm being positioned originally relative to it's parent "camera_rig" at initializing and after the exit function it's at camera_rig.position PLUS (thanks to moving relative) camera_rig._position_start. Did I miss something about the spring not being positioned relative!? It worked better for me with simply using For enter(): camera_rig.spring_arm.translation = offset_camera For exit(): camera_rig.spring_arm.translation = Vector3.ZERO
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    Thorsten t.kerkhoff replied

    Sorry about the format. The page wont let me edit it.

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    Thorsten t.kerkhoff replied

    Oh, I see there's a chapter dedicated to this. ...fixing-the-camera-offset-bug...

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    No worries, thanks for the report. Indeed, we're fixing it in a later lesson - it's a bug I had missed when producing the course, that someone reported after the release!