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Juan Peirotti(PoeJoe)

Hi! I'm really curious and enthusiastic about shaders but I felt this last lesson was way harder than the previous one and I felt a bit lost with the technical things explained here. I already did the learn godot from zero course and I'm currently finishing my first simple game, thus putting in practice what I've learned. I understand maybe this is not a beginners course but it was the only one on shaders here, so maybe you recommend me doing something a bit more basic before? Like this intro video course you have here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoyk_A0RSpI&ab_channel=GDQuest ? or maybe some other resource you recommend. I know how to code, so I think it's not a coding difficulty rather than a shader concepts and thecnical logic understanding. Anyways, any pointers on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    In all transparency, this is one of our older courses, and it's definitely written more as a collection of guides than a course. So there are some jumps in difficulty as guides are grouped by theme rather than arranged in a progressive order.

    I'd really recommend checking it out on our new website, because we released a new introduction and a new series but it's only available there. The new introduction is a bit more progressive and fleshed out. While it does not fully turn the course into a progressive one, it's a bit more accessible.

    If you haven't already, you can use the same email as on this platform to sign in on the new one. You can do so here: https://school.gdquest.com/auth/otp

    Then, you can find your courses here: https://school.gdquest.com/profile

    If you have any questions about techniques or things you're missing in the lessons, feel free to ask them here or on the new platform. I'll be happy to help! And I'll take note for the remake of the shader course we've planned already, and which you'll also get at no extra cost (given how much we have to do, it's not coming out the very end of the year at best, but it's on roadmap)

    The video series you linked from our channel has a similar, but more refined and up-to-date series in this course: https://gdquest.mavenseed.com/lessons/introduction-fbe16f0b356dede8

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    Juan Peirotti(PoeJoe) replied

    Thanks for the reply. I tried using the one time link (which I understood was the first step for establishing my old account in the new site) and nothing happened. No notification on the website confirming the action and no email in my gmail. Not sure if I missed something.

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    Juan Peirotti(PoeJoe) replied

    Tried refreshing the website and then it worked ok, in case you want to check if there's a bug somehow there: I changed to login as soon as I went into the url you gave me, and then returned to one time link mode, so maybe that caused the bug or error. Thanks a lot for putting the update for Godot 4 for free! Looking forward to the update on shaders, though I'm kind of trying to learn everything now since I already have 3 game projects that I want to do (reading about game design and game narrative too), so I'll do my best to keep learning Godot and shaders at the moment. Regarding Shaders I'm planning on learning the basics and then trying to use the visual shader mode to see if that's another approach to the same concepts that allow for better understanding and practice. Any advice on this is more than welcome. Thanks again!

  • Nathan Lovato replied

    Thanks for the update and for letting me know of the steps that didn't work for you!

    Regarding shaders, the visual tool can definitely help with the concepts as it lets you preview how the shader looks on every step. In the remake of shader secrets, it's likely a tool we'll use quite a bit for visualization purposes.